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S4 Edu Group Experts Commitments
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Once, the entrepreneur/ school owner and S4 EDUSOLUTIONS come to an understanding of modus operands, a written contract is signed by the S4 EDUSOLUTIONS which has phase-wise commitments. The requirement is split into different phases. Every month certain percentage of enrollments is assured. It makes sure that the timelines are strictly followed and committed enrollments are sought for the school. It follows up day-wise, week-wise and month-wise to avoid any kind of hurdles or impending hurdles in the process

The whole process is dealt by committed/dedicated, expert and qualified team of S4 EDUSOLUTIONS.

Customer satisfaction or end user satisfaction is the main motto of S4 EDUSOLUTIONS.

S4 EDUSOLUTIONS commitments to our clients schools

Target Admissions

S4 EDUSOLUTIONS has excellent track record of committing to schools in writing for enrollments. It works with Individual and Group of Schools.
The figures shown here clearly depict the commitments given in different phases both for individual and group of schools.

S4 EDUSOLUTIONS has passionate, dedicated, experienced and qualified team to ensure that the commitments are fulfilled.

To attain these targets, S4 EDUSOLUTIONS deploys its staff in consensus with the entrepreneur or completely takeover stationed in the school to fulfill the desired outputs. School owners/management is given options to select best which suits them.

Marketing Planning

S4 EDUSOLUTIONS conducts a Marketing Survey of the target school to understand the various factors impending admissions. Various technical aspects are looked into make a plan of action, the survey may include a questionnaire to be filled by the stake holders/direct interview with few stake holders/school audit/classroom observations/interviewing the teachers, etc.

A thorough analysis is done with the data collected, and then S4 EDUSOLUTIONS derives a plan of action in consensus with the entrepreneur.
Expert, committed and passionate team from S4 EDUSOLUTIONS divide the whole catchment into 8-10 zones.

Based on the sociol economic status of the parents, other competing schools and other factors, the schools are promised certain percentage of enrollments.

S4 EDUSOLUTIONS has excellent track record of giving commitment in written for the desired enrollments and fulfill the same much before the given time.

This whole process takes place in two ways /options :

  • 1. S4 EDUSOLUTIONS deploys staff selected by the school, plan and execute strategies for enrolments.
  • 2. S4 EDUSOLUTIONS, along with its expert team takes over complete process into their hands, stationed in the school.

The entrepreneur can select any of the above based on the availability of finances, manpower, experts, etc.

Marketing Survey

Gaining insight into why parents choose your school provides you with essential information to devise marketing strategies that identify and embrace the qualities of the future students you would like to attract. This survey examines the effectiveness of communication and promotional strategies between the school and parents, parents’ vision of the school, and enables the identification of the most important educational outcomes to parents. In addition, the survey focuses on parents’ perceptions of school events. This information will assist in facilitating future marketing campaigns and in defining the messages that the school should be communicating to the families of prospective students.


The Marketing Survey focuses on six key areas :

  • Influence on School Choice
  • School Operations
  • School Communication
  • School Events
  • Educational Outcomes
  • Vision of the School

Parent Opinion Survey

Parental satisfaction with their children’s school is an important issue in today’s competitive educational environment. Research has been demonstrated that parental satisfaction is strongly correlated with student engagement and achievement and that it is in part dependent on the ethos and values conveyed by the school, the quality of the leadership and management, the behavior and well-being of students and the handling of pertinent issues including bullying and harassment.

However, school leaders rarely have a deeper understanding of the exact areas of concern and are often perplexed when they are required to take proactive and targeted action to improve parental satisfaction. The information gained from this survey assists school management to plan appropriate interventions, continue delivering and supporting services that contribute to parental satisfaction while addressing areas of concern

Student Opinion Survey

It is important to ensure that students have access to quality education and that they are satisfied with the education and other services they are receiving from their school. Students who have a positive view of school are more motivated and display higher levels of engagement and achievement than those who are not satisfied with school. The measurement of student satisfaction is useful to assist school management identify strengths and to determine areas for improvement. Students’ perceptions of their school are valuable as they have knowledge and ability to offer constructive feedback about ways to improve their educational environment. The information gained from this survey assists school management to plan appropriate interventions, continue delivering and supporting services that contribute to student satisfaction while addressing areas of concern

Exiting Student Survey

Former students hold valuable insights into the success of their school’s operations and whilst, it is imperative that their opinions and recommendations are considered to proactively plan for the school’s future, their feedback is rarely collated in a meaningful and useable manner. Former students’ perceptions of their school are valuable in assessing the school’s operations and a key consideration in the development of the implementation and sustainability of a high quality education. The information gained from this survey assists school management to understand whether the academic environment in students’ final years is contributing to students’ successful transition to life after school. It also analyses how successful your school is in facilitating students’ participation and performance in subsequent education and in the workforce.


  • Guidance and Support
  • School Environment
  • Teacher Quality
  • School Curriculum
  • Learning Environment
  • Personal Development
  • Student Behavioral Values
  • Technology and Resources
  • Student Relationships
  • Parent Communication
  • Leadership and Management
  • Relationship and Communication
  • Self-Confedence
  • Motivation



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